The list is small to start, but the more we spread the word, the more 93'ers we can invite.  We'll be sending email and social media blasts, but need everyone's help.  Here's how you can get involved:

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Track Down the MIA's
The Reunion Committee has a list of invitees from previous events, but there are plenty of classmates "missing in action". The list of those classmates we need to track down is posted below. Extra credit to anyone who emails the Reunion Committee (via Contact Us) with the name, email and mailing address of our MIA Eagles.

Classmates with Missing Contact Information



Amy Larson (Boys)
Beth Goughnour
Brandon Scagnoli
Brent Rivard
Chad King
Chris Farley
Christopher Froula
Dan Nichols
Dawn Mueller (Wuest)
Eric Eigenberg
Erin Fiegel
Gretchen Graber (Williamson)
Heidi Lohn (Smith)
J. Wesley Yoshino
Jeff Henrickson
Jennifer Sonterre (Anderson)
Jennifer Hamlin (Nichols)
Jennifer Nack (Rogers)
Jeremy Schulz
Joanne De Lessio
Joanne Maahs (De Lessio)
John Tschohl
Jon Overholser
Kara Hall (Bunchek)
Kari Grover (Eller)
Katherine Holt (Johnson)
Katie Froula
Keri Fischer (Gregerson)
Kevin *Robin Davis (Huntington)
Laura Fahning (Ronay)
Leslie Butler (Rauh)
Matt Farahmandfar
Melissa Tschohl
Melissa Weigel
Michael Comer
Michelle Emery (Butcher)
Michelle King
Mike Comer
Monica Schell (Davies)
Nathan Gallop (Maehren)
Nick Otto
Paul Coufal
Rachael Brown (Farahmandfar)
Reid Johnson
Retha Gjerdingen
Robin Davis
Shelly Pasch (Farley)
Stephen Hilton
Susan Scagnoli
Suzanne Blondin (Eigenberg)
Theresa Loew (Gordon)
Thomas O'Donnell III
Tom Hubby Of Trisha 😉 (Mankowski)
Trisha Doolittle (Mankowski)
William Jorgenson